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Mains Answer Writing Latest Articles

Marking Scheme and Evaluation of Mains Answer Writing

The UPSC mains exam evaluates answers based on a comprehensive set of parameters, and aligning your answers with these criteria can significantly improve your performance. Here are the key factors considered by the UPSC examiners and strategies to address them ...

Language and Expression in Mains Answer Writing

To ensure that your language, tone, vocabulary, writing style, and the overall clarity and coherence of your answers are well-aligned with the UPSC mains exam requirements, consider the following guidelines: Language and Tone: Use a formal and academic tone throughout ...

UPSC Mains Answer Writing: Tips for Time Management

To effectively manage your time, answer questions within the time limit, and prioritize questions to maximize your marks during the UPSC mains exam, consider the following strategies: Time Management: Develop a well-structured time management plan before the exam. Allocate specific ...

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